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Introduction Stopper classification
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Many species stopper, according to the control principle can be divided into three kinds of door controllers.
(1) transistor formula: Transistors work Stopper inside two relays, a tube to lock the door, open the door to a tube. Relay controlled by a transistor switch circuit, integrated by the capacitor charging and discharging process control certain pulse current duration, the executing agency to complete the lock and open the door action.
(2) capacitive: the stopper by the capacitor charge and discharge characteristics, usually the capacitor is fully charged, the work it access control circuit, the capacitor is discharged, the relay is energized and short pull, the capacitor is fully discharged by the relay current interruption make contact is open, the door lock system any longer.
(3) Speed-sensitive. Equipped with a speed of 10km / h the sensor switch, when the vehicle speed is greater than 10km / h, if the door is not locked, the driver does not need hands-on, locking the doors automatically unlocked.